Velvet Cactus Plush Keychain

Who doesn’t need a velvet cactus plush keychain? (Say that five times fast)

velvet, cactus, plushie, keychain
Velvet cactus plushie keychain with flower!

I made these a while ago, hence the reference to my Etsy shop, but I really enjoy the little cactus dude 🙂 They’re now up on the MadeIt shop, with super awesome updated keychains that I randomly found while clearing out my craft room. Just click on any of the pictures to be taken to it!

velvet cactus plushie action shot, keychain

Button Earrings!

Okay, okay… I know they’ve been done 1,000x before… But I had such cute fabric, and they turned out so adorable!!!

Button earrings on button earrings!
Button earrings on button earrings!
Close up of the vintage Japanese kimono fabric
button earrings
Navy striped and gold button earrings! (psssst, these are in my MadeIt shop)