about makemonster

about makemonster

Hello, my name is Jill and I’ve had the idea of makemonster in my head, ever since my mom and great grandma taught me how to sew when I was kid. The first monster I ever created was a platypus made out of flannel… I see now that it was my fate I’d wind up in Australia, making odd things and garnering odd looks from my friends.

I’ve always enjoyed making things, testing patterns… seeing how I can have something from my head translate to a drawing and then into something physical that has a function. I’ve never been afraid to give something a go, so I don’t really have favourite materials (though I’m fond of ink jet printer ink and leftover yarn bits). Everything I wind up creating tends to be a hodgepodge of materials or idea, like a monster rumbled around in a craft supplies store making chaos (see how I came up with the name?).

My main focus at the moment is: unique and colourful jewellery, things to carry other things, and wee plushies that really have no other purpose than to sit on a shelf and look cool.

Follow me on Instagram @makemonsterco or send me an e-mail.

about Jillian

I’m a 30-ish year old person, currently living in Australia, and vehemently pretending to not be a millennial hipster. I spend most of my time at my day job, because I’m a semi-responsible adult, but sometimes I have a chance to get out a be a wee creative, and this is just a method of attempting to document that. When I’m not at work or making things for makemonster (which is rarely ever!), I like to cycle, read, write, or work on my career development (*cough read Reddit*), or be that person at markets muttering, “How lovely, I wonder if I could make that…”

Most of my time is spent fantasising about pretty things I see on Instagram, and making my list of ‘things to do’ grow unnecessarily long. I usually have dried glue on my hands.

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