A Few Changes

You may have noticed a few changes around here and on the Etsy:

A new spectacular logo and theme from the lovely Letty Ly @ Letty Loy Designs!

Things are coming together with this new cohesive theme, and look waaaaay more professional than my secondary school-level Photoshop skillz.

The Brand Guide gives me everything I need to keep the style consistent and cohesive:

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 3.34.13 pm.png


Madeit Storefront

In an effort to just get out there, I’ve listed some things on my Madeit storefront! makeMonster @ MadeIt Currently I just have a few plushies and some embroidery art for now, but next weekend should have some jewellry up, and possibly I’ll get around to finishing some wallets or other Kraft-Tex things I’ve been working on 🙂 Preview: madeit, makemonster, store, I may have to work on the old photography skills… CSC camera =/= instant photographic talent. My favourite is the Lovely Octopus!

octopus, stuffed, plushie, felt, applique, sewing, DIY, craft, fabric
Look at those wee nobbly feet!!!

I decided to go for MadeIt instead of Etsy, mostly due to the Australian-centric base of MadeIt which tends to stop re-sellers. It feels a bit more like a community, not unlike you’d get at a local craft fair! If you’ve never been to MadeIt.com.au, I would suggest just popping over and having a look. There’s some really talented artisans on there, and may have even seen them at your local craft show.

Adventures in smartphone photography, v1.1

(Points to large new header) Nice, ey? 🙂

I have a slight cold (sniff sniff) so I’ve spent the day wandering around the house in my pajamas, in some sort of vague consciousness. I really haven’t done a lot but sit and type and fanny around. I managed to sketch up a rough idea of the logo (can’t summon up the motivation to do a proper one in P’Shop just yet) and add it to the header (changing the theme again as well, as you do).

I also wanted to try to do some promo shots, to see how good my HTC One would be trying to take pro-looking photos (I can hear all the Nikon DSLR photo snobs gasping in shock). I don’t think it’s a good idea at the moment to drop $1,000 on a camera that I don’t really know how to use.

(Sidestep: Anyone in Newcastle want to lean me their precious expensive camera? Anyone? Anyone?…)

So, anyways, below are some of the shots I took today using my HTC One (the version with the known and dreaded “purple haze” in low light conditions) and some quazi-professional set-up. As in, I had some white paper and a drink tray I used to reflect some light.

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